About Oyama Batik Shop

Oyama Batik shop is located in Oyama BC, between the 2 beautiful lakes;  Kalamalka lake and Wood lake .

Our shop mainly sells batik. We have wide variety of batik fabrics with an exceptional quality.

Besides Bali batik, we carry traditional batik, batik painting, and some silk batik as well. Some of our product are very unique because it was hand-painted by the batik maker.

Our shop is born from the love of beautiful batiks and beautiful quilting.

Check out our blogs to see our new projects and what we are upto. Call us and give us a heads-up if you are interested in visiting us.


One thought on “About Oyama Batik Shop

  1. I was in there a few days ago and bought the material for a quilt and some placemats and wonder if you will be open Wednesday January 2nd as I am out of one of the material and need it for the placemats that I already started. Await your reply. Your store is wonderful.

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