Miles a Minute Quilt

Come and join us for friendship, fun and charity work . Learn to sew Mile a minute quilts. All Mile a minute quilts will be donated to the Shriner Bus Please contact Debbie ( 1- 855- 548 0038 ). to find out more.

Scarfs and Things

After my travel to Indonesia I usually brought some unique stuff that I found when I was travelling. Pieces of things that I found interesting when I met the maker and the ladies who does the handywork on Batiks

Some could be Batik Tulis (hand drawn) or some could just be a contemporary batik that was made on silk.

My favorite this year is the silk scarf that was made using a featherweight silk that has silver thread run on the length of the fabric.

Visitors to my shop got to see and able to buy some of these items. They tend to sell quickly because they are custom made in limited quantity.

I had fun spending time with the  maker and the sewer who finished the edges.


Should be on the web for sale soon.. keep checking our site



New Fabric for sale

I finally upload those new fabrics that arrived this fall (serial number starts with 32xx).

We are putting together some charm pack with Christmas colors and few other color themes and jelly rolls with assorted colors in darks and lights. All the strips are 2.5 inch and were cut with accuquilt to ensure the precision.

And a new “Daisy Kits” is going to be on the website for sale as well. This kit is so much fun. Most of the fabrics are pre-cut for you so you could save time and enjoy the sewing more.

Keep checking our site






Welcome to Batik Corner

Welcome to Batik Corner Fabric and yes our website is Welcome to my new blog.

Here, I am going to share some of information about my little Batik Shop in Oyama BC. Canada. We sew, quilt and hopefully will do some dyeing and batik making in the future. If I could organize my time more efficiently….

I am from Indonesia and I am very familiar with batik, the making, the process and the people who works to make it.

Now I have to apologize if there is some misspelling or mis-understanding happening here as I am a new in Canada and English is not my first language. Just give me a shout and I will be happy to try to explain to you what’s things all about just have patients with me….


Thanks for stopping by